Exercise For Beginners at Home Without Equipment

exercise for beginners at home

Do you want to lose weight? But going to the gym sounds hectic? Don’t worry as I have brought you some easy exercise for beginners at home. Keep reading to know more!!

Demanding a great figure is not wrong. Also seeking for a great figure is not wrong too. Staying fit and in a good shape is not just necessary but also depicts your hard work, your persistency, your diligence.

Getting up at 5 and taking a good run does sound tough and requires a lot of effort, but at the end it’s definitely worth it. That 26 inches waistline is surely going to make others jealous of your amazing hourglass figure.

Dreaming? Your all the dreams can come true, all you have to do is focus on yourself and start working out now. Oh you are worried about going to the gym because of your busy schedule. Don’t worry as I am going to illustrate some amazing ways to lose weight even at home. Yes, going to the gym is not necessary for working out. You now don’t have to worry about waking up early and heading straight to the gym, instead just gather some basic tools for your home gym workout.

I’ll tell you about easy home workouts with simple equipment that are easily available at your homes or you can say that beginners workout without equipment.

What do you need for your home gym beginners workout?

beginners workout without equipment

Here is the list of the things that you require for working out at your homes-

  • A mattress
  • Gym clothes
  • Sports/gym shoes
  • Some weight (could be your water bottle)
  • A hell lot of dedication and perseverance.

How to begin and what to do?

After getting all the equipment, the next question that comes in the mind is what to do and how to begin.

Let me tell you. In this article, I shall focus on every major muscle group. It totally depends upon you on which muscle you want to focus.

If you have a big tummy, go for abdominal exercises. If you have thick thighs, go for thigh exercises. Similarly for every major muscle, keep following my blogs to get acknowledged with the exercises!

For beginning every exercise, you need to warm up first.

How to warm up before beginning any exercise?

beginner weight loss workout at home
For warming up, you need to focus on some cardiovascular exercises. Warming your whole body is very important before the commencement of your workout session failing which may lead to injuries or tweaks.

  • You can go for a good long walk with brief sessions of jogging in between.
  • You can dance to warm up your whole body
  • Jumping jacks is also a nice way to warm up
  • Skipping with or without a rope is also a good option.
  • You can also go for spot jogginbod you don’t wanna move out of your house.
  • Climbing the stairs up and down is also another great cardiovascular exercise to burn calories and warming up your body before exercise.
  • For individual body part warm up, focus on individual body parts, like for the wrist joint you can stretch your hands outwards and perpendicular to your body and rotating your fisted hands in clockwork and anti clockwise direction.
  • You can rotate your neck in clockwise and anti clockwise direction for warming up your spinal region.
  • A quick side jumps can also help. Make sure you maintain a good balance and coordination while doing the side jumps.
  • Try to move your all the body parts in a slow and repetitive manner can also help in warming up like side shuffle, torso twist, butt kicks, ankle circles and many more.
  • Once your are done with the warm up, you can begin with your workout session.

Importance of warming up

Warming up is very crucial before any exercise. Here I am listing some important points on why warm is necessary, do give it a read.

  • It ensures a good blood circulation prior to starting the exercise.
  • Your muscles feel energized and not lazy.
  • It increases the flexibility of the muscles and prepares them well.
  • It helps to minimize the stress on the heart.
  • Saves you from any kind of possible injury during workout.
  • Helps you burn a good amount of calories

So always, always start with a good amount of warm up session followed by your workout session followed by cool down session. These three are very important steps for doing the thing right.

It totally depends upon you and you choice of preference of the type of exercise you want to start with. You could begin with a belly workout to get rid of the nasty belly or legs to get your lower limbs stronger. Hope you guys are enjoyed my first blog on exercise for beginners at home or you can say that beginners workout without equipment at home. Check out more basic health tips here.

FAQs About Exercise for Beginners at Home

Q1. How can a beginner start working out at home?

It’s very easy, all you need are gym clothes, gym shoes, some tutorials and a lot of dedication. Dedication and perseverance are must as people tend to lose them over time. Also tutorials are necessary too as one needs to learn and do the exercises​ correctly.

Q2. What exercises should beginners start with?

Beginners can start with cardiovascular exercises, strengthening​ exercises and also flexibility increasing exercises.

Q3. How long should a beginner workout at home?

A beginner should start with 30-40 minutes of a workout session for at least 3-4 days a week.

In my next blogs, I’ll discuss in detail about the exercises of each body part. Stay tuned!!

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