Breathing Exercises For Covid

breathing exercises for covid

With the arrival of the second wave of coronavirus pandemic, the infectivity rate too has spiked up. It’s time to brace up and pull yourself together to make yourself a better version of yourself. It’s time to focus on your breathing and elevate the capacity of your lungs by performing a certain amount of exercise. The coronavirus is on a spree and is sparing nobody. Now is the time to focus on maintaining your health and boosting up your immunity. People who have been or have not been infected with the notorious virus should start doing breathing exercises for covid to boost up their immunity. Below I have mentioned some good-to-go breathing exercises for fulfilling your purpose.

Covid breathing exercises and Home remedies for shortness of breath

Breathing exercises are something that should be taken seriously that too in the present scenario of coronavirus pandemic. Below I am listing some decent breathing exercises that you should do to improve immunity –

deep breathing and coughing exercises

Pranayama – Best Breathing Exercises for Covid

An important aspect of Yoga and an element of Ashtanga yoga, it has been practiced in India since time immemorial. Today, the whole world is practicing yoga and adapting it. The evidence of Pranayama can be witnessed since Vedic times, and practicing this will increase the vital capacity of the lungs. It is performed in different styles-

  • (1) Anuloma Viloma– This is a type of Pranayama. It is performed by inhaling and exhaling alternatively from each nostril. As an example, if you start breathing in with your left nostril, the right nostril should be closed. For this very purpose, you are required to close the nostril with your index or first finger of the left hand or thumb of the right hand. In the next step, you are required to breathe in from the other nostril by closing the left nostril with the thumb of your left hand or the index finger of your right hand. Also, check out exercise for beginners at home without equipment in this post.
  • (2) Dirga pranayama or three-part breath– As the name indicates, this typically involves three sub-parts of your body. To perform this, you have to lie down in a supine position and start breathing until your abdomen is full. Next, you have to breathe in more amount of air to inflate your ribs. Once they are also filled with air, you must pull in more air. Now after this you have to exhale out slowly, first from your ribs then your abdomen until then your abdomen should be full. Once you are done with one round, you can repeat it 10-15 times more to complete a set.
  • (3) Bhramari Pranayama– It is also called a Humming bee breath. To do this, you have to sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes and ears using your thumbs and fingers. Now you have to breathe in deeply and then exhale out slowly but humming like a bee or chanting the sound “Om”. You have to repeat this at least 10 times to complete a set.
  • (4) Bhastrika Pranayama– Yet another remarkable breathing exercise that increases your lung capacity is Bhastrika Pranayama. To perform this, you are required to sit in a lotus or padmasana position. Then you must inhale deeply and then exhale forcibly, in short breaths. Then you have to inhale deeply and then exhale out slowly to relax. You can repeat this for 10-12times to complete a set.

covid breathing exercises

Chest physiotherapy

We, physical therapists also prescribe you some breathing exercises to increase the vital capacity of your lungs. There are three to four types of breathing exercises in physiotherapy that will help you a lot in boosting your metabolism. Below I am discussing some important physiotherapy breathing exercises and the ways you should perform them.

(1) Diaphragmatic breathing

This technique requires the use of your diaphragm while breathing. To begin with, the patient is allowed to sit comfortably then the patient is asked to breathe in deeply while the hands of therapist lay hands on the diaphragmatic region of the patient and slightly pushing it. One can repeat the exercise 10-15 times to complete a set.

(2) Pursed lip breathing

This breathing pattern is done by pursing the lips together and then breathing. The patient’s lips move while breathing in.

(3) Segmental breathing

This type of breathing pattern is done to increase the volume of air inside the lungs and their lobes. This is done by pressing hands on the chest and then breathing in and then releasing hands while exhaling out. It is one of the amazing breathing exercises to increase the capacity of the lungs.

Another way to increase the vital capacity of the lungs is to use an instrument called a Spirometer. This comes as a beautiful plastic set consisting of 3 tubes with balls in them and a pipe attached to the set at one side. The patient has to breathe in as much as he can through the pipe. This will create a vacuum inside the tubes and the balls will get stuck to the top. When all the 3 balls get stuck to the top, it simply means that your lungs are working fine while inhaling. Now you have to invert the set and then blow in the pipe. This will also make the balls stick to the top or rise. Rising of all the balls means your lungs are working fine while exhaling. You can repeat it 5-10 times to complete a set. Checkout our other post related to pregnancy weight loss exercises here.

Hope you enjoyed the article and got knowledge about different types of breathing exercises during Covid or Covid breathing exercises.

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